Edith Key

Edith Key was born in January, 1872 in Eccleshill, Bradford. She was an only child to Grace Proctor and Joseph Fawcett, who was a local mill owner in Bradford. As she grew up, she prgressed through school at a high speed, excelling above most people her age, enabling her to leave school at the age of 13. In March 1891, Edith married Frederick Key, a blind musician, he then opened a music shop at 42 West Parade, Huddersfield. In 1907, Edith became secretary of the Huddersfield WSPU (Women's Social and Political Union) branch.
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In 1913-14 in the attics of her home in West Parade, Edith hides a number of suffragette ‘mice’.
1937 Edith dies aged 65 and is buried in Edgerton Cemetery.