Florence Lockwood
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"We are sick to death we suffragettes of being told by men what we may do..." From Florence Lockwood's Diary.

  • Lockwood was born in October 1861.

  • Shye lived in Linthwaite, keeping detailed diaries throughout the First World War.

  • She was the president of the Huddersfeild branch of the National Union of Women's Sufferage Societies.

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  • She longed to make the most of her talents as a painter and rebelled against old Victorian values by making banners and other campaigning materials, such as the one above!

  • She behan her involvement in politics with the Linthwaite Womens Liberal Association in 1907.

  • Following this she became the President of Colme Valley Liberals.

Florence Lockwood's house
Florence Lockwood's house
The house where she lived at Black Rock Mills

  • Today her diaries are held at West Yorkshire Archives.