Hampstead was a hotbed of suffragette activity. There was a branch of the London National Society in the 1870s. A Hampsted society had been refounded by 1907, with Mrs John Osler and Mrs Beatrice Hartley as secretaries.
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This image shows Mrs Despard speaking to the Women's Freedom League at a garden fete in Hampstead in 1920.
On May 11th 1917, an article was written in a newspaper - The Common Cause of Humanity - about the suffragette meetings being held at Hampstead Town Hall.
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This picture shows Hampstead Town Hall today.

The fact that other newspapers were writing about the suffreagetts and their actions shows that it was clearly a widely supported movement. Mr. J. L. Garvin, editor of 'The Observer' at the time supported the suffragette movement at Hampstead.