1) Doing your research!

a) Use the sheets provided by your teacher to begin your research. You should find one of the following to investigate:

> a Suffragette branch/group based in one town (eg the WSPU branch in Huddersfield)

> a Suffragette who seems to have had an important role in a local area

> a specific Suffragette event

b) Write a paragraph describing what they did/what happened (in your own words). Be specific about names and dates. Check your spelling as this will be available for anyone to see on the internet! If you are sharing computers, please write this on paper first – if not, write it straight into our wiki.

c) Use the internet to research more about your person/event. Can you find pictures of the people or the places that are mentioned (you could use Google street view and take a PrintScreen image of a building if it still standing) or perhaps find extra information using Google Books search.

2) J How to use the Local Suffragettes wikispace

a) Have your research ready to share with the world!

b) Click on ‘Pages & Files +’ and choose new page

c) In the popup box type the name of your person/place and then OK – It will have created a new page for you. Now just type your entry... add images (upload or link to a URL on the internet) and so on.

d) Write down the name of your page and bring it to your so they can update the contents page and put a proper link to it.

e) Click save when you are finished!