Local Suffragettes

This is a project to celebrate the work of local Suffragettes in their campaign for the right to vote. It began because some of my students tried putting an entry onto Wikipedia about local historical figures only to discover it was deleted by the Wikipedia editors as the people were not considered significant enough. My class was not amused - so we have started our own wiki which anyone can add to, and we think the more local the better!

We hope that schools (and other interested people) will find their own local heroines and let the world know about them here.

The idea is to create a new page for each Suffragette/group, add all your students can find about them to that page (and any student responses too - poems, art, etc) and finally link the page to the contents page so everyone can find your students' great research! We've gone for a county based structure as it's easiest to manage - branches and individuals. There may be spelling mistakes as this is all the work of young people - please join the wiki and help moderate them!
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Research tips:
We have found using Google searches, Google street view, Google Books and also the Google News archive of the Votes for Women newspaper (here) to be good ways in to finding people and places. We've also used libraries and archive services who have been very helpful. There is also an incredible book: The Women's Suffrage Movement in Britain and Ireland A regional survey by Elizabeth Crawford which is invaluable as a starting point we've found.

How do you use a wiki with your classes? Instructions on using the wiki are on the How to... page and can also be found here:

It really is very easy to use! There are also many video tutorials on you tube.

Good luck!